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Kids with bowling balls and bowling shoes

Lets get this party started!

Check our venue availability below. We encourage you to use our automated booking system.

Most parties can be scheduled using this automated booking. If not, scroll down!

Automated Booking


How much notice is required to book a party reservation?

The automated calendar will only show availability beyond two weeks from now. If you have a more immediate party request, please fill out the special request form below.

Can I book a party for 1 hour?

No, we have a 2-hour party minimum. There is no maximum though!

Can I decorate?

Yes. Two requests: Please remove all tape used to hang decorations, and please no glitter!

How early can I get in to set up?

Hosts are welcome to arrive 20 minutes prior to party start time to setup and/or decorate. Please keep in mind that parties are scheduled with only 30 minutes between.

Can I bring alcoholic beverages?

Wine, yes. We charge a $10 per bottle corkage fee. All other alcohol, no, in order to stay compliant with our liquor license. You are more than welcome to purchase adult beverages.

Can I bring in my own food?

Hosts are welcome to bring special dessert(s) and/or food to accommodate dietary restrictions.

Can I bring bottles of water and/or juice boxes for kids?

You are welcome to bring small water bottles. Small apple juice boxes are available for purchase.

Can I book just two lanes?

Epiphany Lanes is a private event venue. We want you to have the whole place to yourself. Grab your friends/family and book a party!

Do you have open bowl?

No, just private events.

The max people says 75, what if I have 80?

Technically our occupancy is set at 99. It starts to feel tight at 75, but up to 90 guests is technically fine.

Do you have music?

Yes, two large bluetooth speakers on the lane side, and another small one on the concession side. We have a tablet available to control the lane-side music.

Do you have cosmic bowl?

Yes. We like to call it “vintage.” (still fun, but nothing fancy)

What is parking like?

We share a lot with Gateway Science Academy and Epiphany Parish. Typically the lot is available. On an occasion where events overlap, there is also street parking available.

Can I run a tab?

We can run tabs any way you like, whether it be one for you – the host – covering what you specify and/or individual tabs for anything beyond that. We have some parties who provide tickets to their guests, and then things beyond that are charged to guests individually.

Hours & Rates

Mon – Thurs: 10am – 10pm

Fri – Sat: 10am – 11pm
Sun: 12pm – 8pm

Minimum of 2 hours.
Hosts are welcome to arrive 30 minutes prior to event start time for setup.

Food & Beverages

Party hosts can order catering sized food options or party guests can order food à la carte during the party. Drinks are run as a tab. All food is paid for on the party date.

If your request is for a weekday 10am-4pm, a party longer than 4 hours, or something unique

Please fill out this Special Request form.

Special Request Form


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